Ever since I started lighting Shabbat candles, I have felt a special connection, a connection between me and Hashem. I feel the peace and serenity going throughout the whole house. I know that I have extra time to daven for those in need.

Every time I light candles, I am reminded of my job and place in the world. I know that I am now part of the golden link in the chain, connecting the whole world.

As I circle my hands three times, I think of Hashem’s amazing world. I push out the darkness physically and mentally. All the things that I thought were bad in the week, melt away.  All stress is gone. I light Shabbat candles.  I feel relaxed. I feel peace in the house. Shabbat candles are truly a miracle.

— Ellie Posner, Age 11
Bader Hillel Academy
Wisconsin, USA