This story is a sad story about the Holocaust. Please do not read this story if it may affect you badly.


There was once a young girl who ended up in Neustat Gleve in Germany. It was a “work camp” but she was not able to work because of how sick she was. She probably had typhus and had a high fever, definitely not in a  condition to work. The woman who was in charge of the barracks that she lived in suggested that she go to the Infirmary and hopefully be exempt from work.

The infirmary was not very far from the barracks but she was so sick and feverish that it took her almost 2 hours to arrive at the infirmary. When she arrived, she saw the patients hardly alive and lying naked on the cots. When a patient came to the infirmary they would take their clothes and burn it.

The girl had a nightgown in her barracks so in case they would burn her first outfit she had another one. But…. She left them in her barracks. She of course went back to her barracks to get the nightgown. This again, took her another 2 hours. When she arrived back at the barracks, someone suggested to her to lie down and later she would return to the infirmary. When she woke up, she was informed that she SHOULD NOT return to the infirmary for the Nazis had taken everyone in the infirmary and killed them.

A little while later, she was liberated and is married with children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.


This goes to show us how being Tznius can really save our lives!