Hi, Loyal Readers!

Who’s ready to take the friendship challenge? Don’t worry – it’s not hard or embarrassing.

All you have to do is think of one person who you feel you know very well. Someone who you give to as much as you take.

Now I want you to make a mental list of five things you know about that person.

Here’s the catch. You can’t use personal pronouns- ‘I like her smile.’ ‘She can always cheer me up.’ Also, you can’t say something insignificant. Something obvious, like ‘She has blue eyes.’


Here’s my sample list.

  1. She likes animals.
  2. She won’t sing.
  3. Her eyes sparkle when she’s excited.
  4. She never gets mad.
  5. She thinks that all little kids are adorable.

OK. That was the easy part. If you feel that you pass this, stick around for round two next week.

Try this on all your relationships. What are five things that you notice about this person? Do you have a real kesher (connection)? Why or why not? How can that change?

If it’s someone you know well, try more questions. Not so well, try less.

It would be fun to sit in a circle with a group of friends, and each write one thing you like about everyone in that circle (including yourself!) A trait you really admire, or a thing that makes her unique. Give it a go.

See you next week!! :)