Sometimes on Shlichus she does feel
That she’s given all the strength she has left
And she hasn’t seen any good results just yet
She’s longing to go back to a normal country
But an image of the Rebbe appears in her mind

A sad look on her face
A tear ran down her cheek
Her strength was running out
She was getting to weak
How can she continue to be strong for so very long
Suddenly a smile appears on her face

When a fire spreads it can burn
That which a fire can burn
But an already lit fire
Only grows larger and larger
A fire can burn the weak
But cannot burn the strong

If you are an already lit flame
No one can burn you out
Only connect to you
As your fellow Jew

On Shabbos we can help someone else light
We can connect them to us that very night
Than they can connect to someone else
And together we can continue the chain
Which will bring Moshiach today



Sometimes when were on Shlichus we feel as if we’ve been defeated. But we have to always remember that we have a burning fire within us. So a fire of anger, sadness, or defeat can never burn us out! Just like if theirs a fire, the fire will spread, and burn everything that it touches. The one thing that it cannot burn is an already lit fire, which it connects to, and makes the original fire bigger!
We can take the fire within us, and help others light the Shabbos candles, we then connect their fire to our fire. They can then connect to someone else, and continue the chain. Until every fiery neshama is connected to every fiery neshama, and together we can bring Moshiach right now!

—  Mushka Newman
Bais Rebbe
Los Angeles, California, USA