The day of my Bat Mitzvah is a day to remember

This day is something indeed to treasure

The fear, the nervousness, the anxiousness and pressure

Fear leads to anger as anger leads to hate

Hate leads to destruction as good leads accomplishment

I am fearless; I am brave; I am like Esther who was as tough as a strong metal cage 

In order to overcome obstacles, we must leap through tall bounds

Esther had the courage to speak with the king

And I had the courage to overcome the Yetzer hara that was within me

“Power of Strength” is the key; Power of Words” gives us the ability to speak

Like Esther the queen who spoke up from something that could’ve been tragic

She instead was the hero among the crowd of people from far and near

She was the one to record her story so we can remember this for years, for generations

So we can remember this powerful story as a nation

Like Esther’s challenges don’t define Esther, my challenges don’t define me   

I’m a person who’s as strong as a tree and I can do anything

I’m not weak and I’m not afraid

Quitters never will never win if they don’t continue to be brave

If I don’t win I won’t give up

I’m tough and that’s not because of luck

Hurt me, destroy me, tease me, taunt me

I won’t fall and if I fall I’ll always get back up

And when I get back up, I’ll keep fighting and never give up

Queen Esther – a woman who was strong, always kept fighting until she got up and won

One voice, one people, one strong hand to turn from evil

All it takes is one strong voice, one voice to win from a boast of war within a noise

What you have is not what defines and what defines you isn’t always who you really are

I thought once I became bat mitzvah I could never move on, but through my strength, I carried on

Carry on now, Jewish girls; you have a role, a purpose, a place to rise up and not grip or hold

But to stand up with pride, thanking Hashem I am here and I’m alive

Thank You, Hashem, for what you gave me, and thank you, Hashem, for creating me

I’m here and proud and now I’ll guide you all to make this world better in any way

As a powerful Shlucha to pave the way

Just search and soon you’ll see that end of the tunnel

Just look deeper and you’ll find that purified water, crystallized as pure as it is from its well

You are you, and you are your worst enemy

Like Queen Esther who discovered her passion and strengths of her voice where she went among the stars

While we follow her towards like she did through truth

As she spoke to the king with the words from herself, from her heart so pure and true

When words are said, good will come; and when we talk good we get the job done  


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