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“The Cookie Monster Part 2 “

On the day before the second seder, Rikki felt even more nervous. She still hadn’t heard anything about the cookies, but she had been extra-helpful while everyone got ready for the seder, just in case she would need to avoid a punishment.
Mrs. Tomatokugel smiled as she watched Rikki dry the dishes, set the table, and set up the seder plate. Rikki was being extra-helpful, and Mrs. Tomatokugel thought she knew why. But Rikki wasn’t going to get in trouble. Kindness worked better than punishment, so Mrs. Tomatokugel shooed the children away to begin a surprise.
At the seder, Rikki squirmed in her chair. She was bored. But at last it came time to eat the food. Rikki stared at mounds and mounds of delicious food. She was about to heap lots of it onto her plate, when Mommy’s voice cut through her thoughts.
“Make sure to save room for dessert, everyone!”
Dessert? Last night there had only been fruit after the meal. Rikki took small helpings, and sat impatiently until the dessert came out.
It was a platter of chocolate chip cookies!
Mommy caught Rikki’s eye. “They’re kosher for Pesach,” she explained. “I made them with matzoh meal.”
Rikki’s eyes were big. “Mommy-”
“Yes, Rikki?”
“Can I have some?”
Everyone laughed. “Yes, of course!”
Rikki took a bite. It was just as good as the cookies she had eaten before. “It’s good!” she proclaimed.
Later that night, Mommy sat on Rikki’s bed. “Now, you see, Rikki? You didn’t need to try to sneak chometz into the house. You could have just asked me, and I could have helped!”
Rikkki snuggled into her bed. She smiled. “Thank you for the cookies, Mommy! Good night!”
Mrs. Tomatokugel smiled. “Good night, Rikki.”

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