Rush, charge
Live life in a hurry
Race against time
The clock doesn’t wait

Wipe, dust
Clear the world around you
Washing, cleansing
The clock doesn’t wait

Arrive, depart
From one place to the next
Darting, flashing
The clock doesn’t wait

Work, toil
Six days a week
Striving, climbing
The clock doesn’t wait

Friday night
Hold time in its place
Take a moment to light
The clock can wait

Feel the glow
The radiance, the warmth
As it opens your mind
Releases your soul

A fire, a flame
Ignite a soul
Light up the world
By doing your part

Just one moment
Just one light
Just one deed
Makes a world of a difference


— Fraida Blau, Age 15
Beis Chaya Mushka
New York, USA