Everywhere around the world,
On the very same day
Jewish women and girls light Shabbos candles and the blessing they say.

This has been going for years and years,
Sometimes along with many tears.

So when you light the candles,
You’re continuing the chain
Created many years ago by women of fame.

Let’s go back to Canaan in 2200 BCE,
Jewish women and girls lit Shabbos candles in little cups of tea.

Next to Yemen in the 1200’s,
Where they lit with adornments on their heads.

Now to Spain in 1481,
They secretly lit even though it was the Inquisition.

Germany 1939, at the height of World War Two,
Women and girls lit while they wore the yellow star of “Jude.”

In our days, there’s no need to hide,
So invite a friend and light your candle with pride!

— Sara Newman, Age 13
Bais Rebbe
California, USA