Looking for an innovative and nurturing school for your daughter? Check out The Binah School, attended by many YALDAH readers and staff members. The Binah School, in Sharon, MA, is the first Orthodox middle and high school in the US that systematically integrates project-based learning with rigorous Judaic and secular studies. The curriculum incorporates in-depth Torah learning, character development, and commitment to Judaism, with the arts, nature, technology and community leadership. Girls are welcomed into a close-knit, nurturing environment, and boarding options are available. The Binah School is accepting applications for Fall of 2013 for girls entering 7th through 10th grades.

“The Binah School let me have a voice and helped bring out my creative side. Our teachers listen to what we have to say and through our creative classes we really get to know ourselves.”
-Leia Resnick, age 12 (former YALDAH Editorial Board member)

You can get a coupon for $100 off tuition by filling out the form below! For more info, visit www.TheBinahSchool.org.