Dear JGU Family,

What can we do?

I ask myself, “What can we do to help our brothers and sisters in Israel who are under attack? How can we respond to all the chaos and conflict in the world?”

In the spirit of Hakhel – the year of unity, it is time for us to join together and unite as ONE NATION. Let’s pray for peace in Israel and the world when we light the Shabbat candles. We can gather with family and friends, give extra charity and recite Tehillim (Psalm) for the safety of our brothers and sisters in Israel. May G-d, our father protect and bless His children because we are ONE!

“Hakhel” reminds us that we grow stronger when we join together with others for the single purpose of strengthening our faith in G-d. The act of all people, regardless of accomplishments, age or background coming together, is the miraculous beauty of Hakhel. This is also the beauty of Jewish Girls Unite!

“A rising tide lifts all ships” is the underlying philosophy at Jewish Girls Unite.
This philosophy is built into the DNA of JGU. In fact, Jewish Girls Unite grew out of the partnership of JEWISH GIRLS RETREAT and YALDAH magazine. In the summer of 2006, Leah Caras (Larson), the Founder of YALDAH, participated as a teen camper at the Bat Mitzvah Camp in Troy, NY.

After camp, Rabbi Avraham and Nechama and Leah teamed up and organized the first Jewish Girls Winter Retreat in December 2006 in Silverbay NY. With G-d’s help, we grew the Jewish Girls Annual Summer and Winter Retreats over the last ten years. Today, Jewish Girls Unite, is the outgrowth of the Jewish Girls Retreat and offers a virtual platform for girls to engage and learn in a safe and loving global community.

Read all about the First Winter Retreat HERE:

In Honor of our 10th Winter Retreat, we are thrilled to present the First YALDAH ACHIEVEMENT AWARD to LEAH CARAS. Leah will receive this well deserved award for her ten years of collaboration and dedication to inspiring Jewish girls through the YALDAH magazine and JEWISH GIRLS RETREAT. Leah is a true role model for creating unity and team work between Jewish girls of all backgrounds.

Today, Leah is the founder of Carasmatic Design and is the Graphic Artist and Webmaster for Jewish Girls Unite and Jewish Girls Retreat. The YALDAH archives are also part of the new Jewish Girls Unite global community. Leah is B”H the mother of a growing family and lives with her husband Rabbi Michoel Caras in Albany, NY. (Near the Labers!)

We also invite all Alumni of BMC, JGR (campers or staff) and YALDAH to sign up for an Alumni Weekend Reunion at the Jewish Girls Winter Retreat 2016. In the spirit of Hakhel, we look forward to a weekend filled with relaxation and inspiration that will honor Leah Caras and Alumni, demonstrate the power of collaboration and the beauty of uniting with Jewish sisters.

In the merit of all of our Jewish girls who are bringing peace and unity to our world, may we merit peace in our Holy Land NOW!!!

Attention Alumni of BMC, JGR, YALDAH: Join the JGU Alumni Association! Our monthly meetings will be fun and inspiring. We want to hear your ideas too! Please contact us at

With blessings for Peace & Unity throughout the world,

Nechama Laber & the JGU STAFF:
Rabbi Laber, Susan Axelrod, Leah Caras, Rabbi Resnick

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