Darkness permeating the air

Engulfing, drawing in

Dejection and despair;

So began the beginning.

But with a mighty command

The void was filled with light

Insects swarmed the land

The moon brought on the night.

With each day of creation

Myriads of sparks spread wide

Hashem’s perfect imperfection

For man to live inside.

The flames spread high and low

Holiness in its prime

Setting the world aglow

The light of eternal time.

Yet one action is all it took

Shattering the paradisiacal bliss

For the taste of forbidden fruit

Is a taste too hard to resist.

So Chava began her fight

The never-ending scheme

To re-attain the distinguished light

And re-crown the desired dream.

Each week she did the same

Spreading more and more light

Kindling her flames

‘Lehadlik’- she would ignite.

And deep within our hearts

Is the key to fulfill this task

To help rekindle the spark

That rests beneath its mask.

From age three, every week, each Jewish girl

Is granted this sacred mission

Let me tell you — you’re not the first!

This links on for generations.

Sara Imeinu’s candles, each day

Burned bright for all to see

She strengthened a link in the chain

Passing on this sacred deed.

And all through the years

The tradition has followed through

During hardship, war or fear

The flames of Shabbos were still in view.

From the depths of exile in Spain

To the heights of English hills

Through the terror of a Russian train

The flames burned stronger still.

In peace, in happiness, in war,

No matter the time or place

The Shabbos lights, I’m sure,

Will be lit and blessed with grace.

And ‘Bizchut Nashim Tzidkaniyut’

In the merit of our righteousness

We’ll be redeemed from our Galut

And the world will be aflame with holiness.

— Esther Miriam Golomb, Age 16
Leeds Jewish High School for Girls
Leeds, United Kingdom