I’ve never written fantasy before in my life. Though I tagged this story as “fiction” it most probably was fantasy. I’ve never even dreamed of writing fantasy. The whole point of writing is writing something down to earth, something that the readers can connect with, something that happens in real life. Right?

Well, not always.

Sometimes you yourself learn things from the pieces you write, not only the readers. And I have learnt something from “Home Sweet Home.” I have learnt that you can use fantasy, you can go wild with your imagination, to create a story that will bring out the most powerful lessons, about your home and your house, and how you need to give good maintenance to a home, so learning how does a drain snake work is one of the essentials you need to know for this.

I don’t read much fantasy either. I have one Jewish fantasy book which is nice, but not quite… not quite. I just can’t get it. But not all fantasy has to be like that, which I’ve just learnt.

Why did I write this story? Well, I wanted to write a long story but not a book. “Home sweet Home” really is a pretty strange length when you think about it. (But luckily websites don’t mind how long or short the story is :))

At the time I was starting to write this story, BMC (Bat Mitzvah Club) was starting to learn about Miriam Haneviah. So I decided to tie my story in to that theme. It worked out pretty well because I could then use those few chapters for the Pesach magazine that we made later on in JGU.

Not long after, BMC learnt about Devorah. So I decided to tie her in to my story, too. I wonder if anyone noticed how things connected so… randomly with BMC. (;

This was a story where I definitely used a lot of imagination. To have Shifra live in Argentina doing Shlichus? Why Argentina? I still don’t know. Not to mention that little… box with the three colored buttons in orange, purple and blue. (I wonder where the blue button leads?) I actually could have continued on with the descriptions of Egypt and add some more chapters there, but it may have been dragging it out a little.

So, that’s that! I hope to return here with another story in parts very soon. Or even better, have the Moshich come by then!

Happy writing!