1/4 yard of fabric

Contrasting thread (if you are embroidering)

Matching thread

Piece of paper

Simple leaf or rectangular outline or coloring page (other simple patterns work)

Fold fabric in thirds and pin pattern piece on fabric

On one piece embroider or use fabric paint or permanent marker to write the person’s name on the piece

Fold the top down (the piece you fold down should be folded towards the wrong side) on one of the remaining pieces and sew down.

Line up the bottom of the two pieces without the name on them so that the top of the right side of the bigger piece shows above the top of the folded piece.

Pin so that those pieces are lined up and the right side of the piece with the name on it is facing the other two pieces.

Sew, with a 3/4 inch seam, leaving a space open at the bottom so you can turn it.

Turn right side out and sew opening closed.

On the piece of paper, write a nice note or leave blank so the other person can write what they are thankful for.

Use and enjoy. (You can use these for any holiday with a festive meal. For holidays where you can’t write, you can write kind notes ahead of time.)