Hashem, even if forever we would thank You,
אילו פינו,
Even if our songs to You could fill the sea,
For each breath of life You give to us lovingly,
For each kindness, all the Brochos you bestow,
Beyond words, beyond all the gratitude we could show,
It wouldn’t be enough praise,
Because our praise to You is countless, our gratitude to You is boundless.
Our eyes are lit up with gratitude, as bright as the sun’s rays.

Every talent, every gift, every ability that to us You bestow,
Every wonder that to us You show,
Every breathtaking view, on earth, every colour, every hue,
That every moment, for us, You renew.

You are the Source of all wisdom,
Every idea we think comes from You, Ribbono Shel Olam.
You help us grasp ideas, give us the answers we need to know,
When we’re writing, You help the juices flow.

You are the Source of good,
You open Your Hand, Give us livelihood,
You give us so many Brochos we don’t even know we possess,
For each of us, You give what’s best.

Thank You, Hashem, for everything!