Hi guys!

These days it seems that all the teachers are in the mood of…(drum-roll).. Tests! I don’t know anyone who loves tests, but if you do, I guess you’re the exception. (Though we all love the leaving-after-the-test part.) Tests, memorizing and late nights are tough so here are a few tips on how to lighten the load:

Sleep on it! We’re all guilty (Well, I sure am!) of studying from nine to one and then waking up at five to study some more. That’s not the way it’s meant to be done. You need your sleep! When you’re tired, you can’t think properly and the creativity, problem-solving and thinking parts of your brain are compromised. Not only that, sleep improves you memory. So catch some shut-eye!

Arrange a play-date. Okay, not exactly. But spend time with your friends and have some fun. Believe it or not, it improves you memory. Social life stimulates your brain! So put down your books and run outside for a water-fight. It is boiling after all! But remember not to be out for long, you do need to study! (Teacher: Why did you get a sixty-two? You usually get a higher mark. Did you study? Student: I studied, but I worked on improving my memory more. Teacher: Oh, so you memorized the presidents! That’s great, but I don’t do History. Student: Nah, I had a water fight:))

Get corny. Crack a joke. Laugh. That helps your memory too! :D

Give a speech. Gather your siblings and read them your Navi notes in a dramatic way. They’ll love it and you’ll know it.

Get physical! Write it out, say it while jumping, playing ball or pacing. You’ll remember it and you won’t get bored.

Put them together. For Navi, we needed to know the amount of years each king ruled. So I turned the years into a telephone number ( 222- 242-712-22). And then, based on that, I divided it per king. It worked and I knew it!

Cartoon it! Love drawing? Cartoons? Stick figures? Draw something symbolizing what you’re being tested on. Have fun and try this out!

Riddle it up. Exaggerate it or turn it into one big comedy. I use this method all the time for History!

Ask for directions. Match something you need to know to a street, building, or even a room in your house.

Better go study for Science!

Good Luck!