As fall comes near, I thought a nice tiered flare would be nice.

To make this tiered skirt, you will need:

Elastic the length of your waist

Four different pieced that are 1 yard each. (for some fabrics and depending on your height you may be able to use less)




4 Pieces of Large paper

Eraseable or Disappearing ink pen

You need to take two measurements. The first is your waist and the second is from your waist to wherever you want your skirt to end.

or me it is 28 for my waist and 30 for length. Add 4 inches to your length measurement and divide by four. You will draw four rectangles. For me thats 34/4 or 8.5. I will call that Length. Add 4 inches to your waist and divide the whole thing by 4 so for me that’s 32/4 or 8 which I will call Waist.

Rectangle 1: Waist by Length

Rectangle 2: Waist +1 inch by Length

Rectangle 3: Waist+2 inches by Length

Rectangle 4: Waist +3 inches by Length

On each rectangle, on the length line write fold

To make the skirt: (on all seams, if you use a ravelly fabric, sew a second seam or serge.)

1.) On fabric one pin rectangle 1 on the fold, and repeat 1 time,

2.) Pin Rectangles 2, 3, and 4 with fabrics 2,3, and 4 and repeat one time.

3.) Mark each piece with which rectangle it is and the top of each piece

4.) Pin rectangles 1,2,3, and 4 right sides together, to the second piece of the same rectangle with waists together.

5.) Sew along the same length side of each piece

6.) Unfold each rectangle

7.) On piece 2, 3, and 4 sew basting stitch across the top 1/4 from the edge.

8.)Pin right sides together of piece 2 to 1 matching the bottom of piece 1 to the top of piece 2 and making sure length seams line up.

9.) Sew with a 3/4 inch seam

10.) Repeat Step 8 and 9 matching the top of 3 to the bottom of 2 and the top of 4 to the bottom of 3.

11.) Pin right sides together matching the seams of each tier and sew with 3/4 inch seam.

12.) At top fold over 1/2 inch of fabric, then another inch.

13.) Sew at the edge leaving a 1 inch space to thread the elastic.

14.) Thread elastic  through, then sew ends together.

15.) Sew the opening of the casing so you don’t have elastic showing through

16.) At the bottom, fold over a 1/2 inch and then 1/2 inch again for the hem. Sew along the edge..

Now are ready to wear your skirt. Enjoy!