We all know the Chanukah miracle, how the oil lasted for eight day as they had to wait a week to get more oil from a place. But the place where they usually got the oil from has been swept under the carpet of History, although a wise women was from her. Olives grew in this place and from here the Maccabim replenished there supply of pure olive oil. That is, after the eight days it took for the oil to be ready.

Olive oil is said to symbolise wisdom, and from here a wise woman came. You see, Tekoa is mentioned in Tanach as well. When Avshalom went away after he killed his brother Amnon, it was a wise woman from Tekoa who came to Dovid Hamelech (King David) and convinced the king to call his son back. Of course, she taught him the lesson in a wise way, using a story to illustrate her reasoning. This is what she said:

In truth, I am a widowed woman, my husband has died. Your maidservant had two sons. They quarreled in the field, and there was no rescuer between them. One struck the other and killed him. Now behold! The entire family rose up against your maidservant and said, “Hand down the one who struck his brother and we shall put him to death, for the life of his brother whom he murdered…” (II Samuel 14: 5-7).

Dovid took the case and assured the woman that he will protect the son. “AH-HA,” the wise woman pointed out, “if you are prepared to protect my own son after he killed his brother.. why aren’t you extending the same treatment to your son Avshalom?” Point proven, Dovid called his son back. (In truth, the woman was sent by Yoav, but the story she said was tekoa signprobably just a parable but she did get her point across! Wise woman.)

Tekoa is mentioned as the birthplace of Amos and one of Dovid HaMelech’s worriers. A town by that name exists today.

Next weeks topic: Who in the Torah was not a descendant of Levi, but still called a Kohein (priest)?