Hey everyone!

Here’s a site which is organizing  WORLDWIDE  Tehillim (Psalms)  for the poisoned Gross boys.

Their names are there.

לרפואת חיים מיכאל שלמה בן מיכל, רפאל יצחק אייזיק בן מיכל

It gives you one perek (chapter) to read along with others davening for the same people. You can ask for another.

As of now,  we have completed the Tehillim TOGETHER 724 times! Let’s storm the heavens!

Kol Yisrael areivim zeh lazeh!

(“Every Jew is responsible for one another!”)

In addition, you can light Shabbos candles tomorrow (Friday) night before sundown, do a good deed, and/or give charity in their merit. And… BE HAPPY! “Simcha Poiretz Geder!” (“Joy breaks all barriers!”)

YOU want to be part of it!