I often blame the lack of time for my shortcomings. Why don’t I say the full Shemah? I don’t have time. Why didn’t I study for my history test? I didn’t have time. And why didn’t I write my blog yet? Oh. Right. I had no time.

And I often find that I truly believe my flimsy excuses I offer up to console myself. Time is something I cannot control, right? It’s not my fault at all. I just had no time. Everything suddenly becomes excusable when I blame it on time.

This is a problem I believe many people struggle with. Yes, a problem. When we shift the blame from ourselves onto something else, be it time, money, or age, we lose the opportunity to change and take control of the situation, which is actually very achievable. Although I can’t control time, I can control how I use my time. Although I might not have enough money for a something I want, I can babysit or look for a more affordable substitute. If I am not old enough to do something, I can prepare for doing it in the future and learn the ropes of it, so it’ll be easier later on. There is always an alternate solution or way to improve the situation.

And if we can’t find one, or even if could, we must remember the power of prayer and realize that it can actually accomplish more than we can ever dream of.