She Saw My Light by Malkie Peiser

Deep in her tent, I smelled the bread baked and doughy like hers does Her candles are burning bright, shining in colors – rainbowed, chiffon light of love Walking through the sand I felt her […]

The Eternal Light by Sarah Emily Baum

The most profound testament to Jewish resilience I have ever seen was only slightly bigger than the palm of my hand. My teacher placed the photo photograph on my desk; it was a landscape he […]

Princess by Emuna Naiditch

Cramped inside a box And then you were caught What pain you have suffered, princess You brought the ones you made You formed this crusade What courage you had, princess The news hit like a […]

The Legacy of Sarah – A Letter from Oria Appel

BH Dear Jewish Girls Unite, My name is Oria Appel and I live in California and go to the Jewish school Emek Hebrew Academy. Even though I live so far away from Eretz Yisroel I […]