Rabbi Wasserman


Special Feature Dedicated to R’ Azriel Yitzchok Wasserman ob”m

BS”D This article, to be published in Links Magazine dedicated to helping girls cope with loss, is an excerpt from Mrs. Nechama Laber’s upcoming book.  Dedicated in the everlasting memory of her beloved father, Azriel […]

Greetings From Nechama – Finding My Father in Me

On the 9th of Av, (this Sunday), the Beit Hamikdash was destroyed in Jerusalem over 3000 years ago. The Holy Temple was the place where G‑d’s presence could be felt physically. It was the window […]

A Memory, A Mission, A Movie – Nechama Laber

There is a memory that I have as a young girl of ten years old that will never fade away. When I was in 5th grade, I watched my father, Rabbi Azriel Wasserman o”bm, a […]