The Fire of Shlichus – Song and Takeaway Message by Mushka Newman

Sometimes on Shlichus she does feel That she’s given all the strength she has left And she hasn’t seen any good results just yet She’s longing to go back to a normal country But an […]

Vehi Sheomdo: A Song with Chaviva, Music, and Meaning

BH Chaviva, our beloved JGU choir head, has been helping us get into the true Pesach spirit, with some joyous and beautiful singing! Last Sunday, in Creative Online Club, Chaviva sang the soulful “Vehi Sheomdo” […]

We’re All One Family – RED TEAM SONG

We learn about extraordinary team work from bees. Every bee in the hive does it’s part to produce honey. This song was composed by the Red Team – Team Unity during Color War 2015 at […]


Dear Friends: The following story expresses the heart of the JGU mission. Rabbi Shemtov from Uruguay was walking with a friend on Shabbat afternoon. A ten year old boy approached them and asked, “Where are […]

I Will Go Where You Will Go – Song by Esther Kruman

Composed by Rivkie Feld in “Ruth’s Vision”, a musical performed by Esther Kruman at the Jewish Girls Retreat in 2008. See a clip of the Utube video below the song lyrics. (We are still looking […]

Shine Your Light – by Rivka Leah Cylich – Velkovitch

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