Letter to Sarah Imeinu by AriAna Dubuque

Dear Sarah, You are probably the most inspiring woman I have ever heard of. You are kind, disciplined, confident and modest. Your teachings strengthen many women today. One thing I learned was how to retreat […]

Letter to Sarah Imeinu by Daniella Eckhaus

Dear Sarah <3, You inspired me to be kind to everyone even if they did something bad in the past. You taught me that I can overcome anything. You taught me that I should never […]

Dear Beloved Daughters by Emmy Simon

Dear Beloved Daughters, My dear daughters, you are each your own beautiful you. Don’t change yourself because of someone else. If you want to change, change for you. Don’t ever forget to be yourself, and […]

The Legacy of Sarah – A Letter from Oria Appel

BH Dear Jewish Girls Unite, My name is Oria Appel and I live in California and go to the Jewish school Emek Hebrew Academy. Even though I live so far away from Eretz Yisroel I […]