To make a sachet you will need:

1 bag of potpourri (you  can get it at most craft stores)

1 rectangle of fabric 16 by 5 inches (if you buy a half yard of fabric you can make at least 8)

12 inches of ribbon (1 spool of ribbon will make a lot of sachets)


needle or sewing machine


How to make:.

All seams should be 5/8 of an inch

1.) First cut a rectangle that is 16 x 5 inches

2.) Fold the fabric in half making a rectangle that is 8 x 5 inches (right sides together)

3.) Sew the two long sides

4.) Cut the corners (This makes your corners better when you turn it right side out)

5.) Turn right side out and fill about 2/3 full with potpourri

6.) Fold  down the top edge towards the inside and sew closed 

7.)Use ribbon to tie a bow around the top, making sure all the potpourri is at the bottom.

Keep or give as a gift.

They are really nice to put in your drawers, closets or on a shelf.