Have you ever wondered what fabrics to use for summer.  There are a few types of fabric that you can use. Gauze is a light airy, cottony fabric. Cotton is usually light weight, but because it is a “natural” fiber, it is breathable and keeps you cooler. Seersucker is also light weight.  Swimsuit fabric isn’t as light weight, but it is fairly cool and it dries quickly. Lighter colors also keep you cooler. There are lots of things you can make with these fabric. Gauze is great for skirts and shirts (although they usually need something under them) Seer sucker makes great clothes, and great pajamas. It’s a little bit more casual. Woven cottons are great for shirts, but also for pillows, pajamas and many other things. Swimsuit fabric is not only great for swimsuits, but it’s great for dresses, shirts and skirts and has a bit of lycra. Things made from swimsuit fabric often look dressier.