Hey girls!

I am super excited! I just ticked of day zero off my countdown! Yup! Today was my last final!!! So, I am now officially  in vacation mode! (It’s my favorite mode, too!:) In honor of that, let’s talk something light and easy. You got it: Your hair!

One of my favorite things about being a girl is my hair. You can do so much with it — the possibilities are endless! So today pretty, nice, summery styles are on my agenda. Some girls don’t mind chopping off their hair while others are more protective of their locks. And guess what? Both attitudes are great! Today I’m in the mood of pretty ways to keep your hair out of your face without chopping it all off. O.K. Let’s go!

The Classic Pony. It’s typical, great, and it does its job well. So, why not? Add a twist by covering your elastic with few strands of your hair. Whether you choose to have it side, high or just no-nonsense middle doesn’t really matter because you’ll look great any way!

Braid it! Us, girls, sure know a thing or two about braiding. Braiding dough for the Shabbos Challah is our mitzvah! So just practice on your hair! As they say, practice makes perfect! But, seriously, I love braids. It’s no wonder I love them — when I was younger, my mother would do my hair and a little French braid was (and still is:) my favorite!   Try two braids or one. Have them French or side (or both). If a braid looks too  harsh, take out a few stray hairs. Instant softener! If you’re hair is too short or layered, don’t fret! Try braiding after the shower when your hair is longest – it might just work! I’ve got a bunch of short layers so it doesn’t braid easily but if I do it post-shower it works:) If that doesn’t do the trick, try incorporating a bit of a braid into your pony or try doing two braids  since less hair = easier braiding. In fact, I currently have my hair in two braids. I love it! It looks adorable.

Half up, Half down. This is one of my favorites. It gives you the long hair look, just a neater version. So pin up your bangs and make that half-pony. Summer’s here!

Wavy tresses. Some girls with wavy or curly hair might hate it because of the frizz it causes, but with the proper care you’ll be fine. To get sweet, wavy hair, you don’t need to go through the curler. Nope! Braid your hair (you might want to put in some product) – the more braids the curlier and sleep on it. Waves have never been so easy!

Bun Fun. Buns are simple, easy and quick. They’re great for those bad hair days. They hide everything! A messy bun will hide a knot the size of Texas. Messy or classic, you’ll look great – easily!

So, girls, whether you choose to wave it, bun it or just use your imagination, have fun and a great summer!

Talk to you later!