Hey everybody!

Don’t know about you, but here in Milwaukee, the summer’s drawing to a close. Well, not that I’m in Milwaukee. I’m in L.A. right now, but I’ll be back in Milwaukee tomorrow night – and that really means that the summer is ending… I’ll be home from my last trip :)

That’s a smiley face because I’m really excited for school to start! I’m going to be in 11th grade – meaning that I’m halfway done with high school! This year at school is really exciting, and in general I love learning so that would be why I’m excited…

I’m currenly listening to a song called “Fifteen Synagogues” by Aaron Applebaum, on an album called Destiny.

Here at YALDAH we’re starting off the winter issue and finishing up the fall issue – look out for more updates!!

As for the summer ending, my siblings in elementary and middle school start school this Thursday, and I start a week from Tuesday… so anyway here goes another year! Hatzlacha Rabba (lotsa success) to everybody starting school soon, whether home schooling or regular schooling :)

Anyway, gotta go pack ‘cuz as I mentioned I’m going home tomorrow.