Hi everyone!

I haven’t posted a real post in a very, very long time… So, what’s happening?
Well, first of all, my family received our copy of the early summer issue, and it’s amazing. However, the coming of this issue was kind of like a closing for me. See, it’s the last issue that I was Editorial Board Coordinator for. Next issue it’ll say Rebecca’s name there… which makes me very happy ’cause she’s an amazing EBC, but it’s a little sad for me, and weird too, because that means I’m really moving on. Well, to paraphrase Penina Harrison a while back, not moving on, ’cause I will always be a YALDAH fan, staff member, and supporter, but… turning a new page. The next chapter in my life, I guess.
I’ve been turning a lot of those pages. At the beginning of the month I graduated high school – there’s a big one! Then I started working at a new job for the summer, which involves learning new programs and becoming familiar with a whole new environment and everything like that. Then of course… is the page I turned in my involvement with YALDAH.
Just to update you – I’ve given over my EBC job to Rebecca Berlin, as most of you know. Kudos to Rebecca and the 2011 Editorial Board, who are doing amazing work. They’re definitely a fantastic board, even though I don’t really work with them. And – oh, here’s the other page I’m turning – more like, the other side of that high school page I mentioned – I’m going to seminary in Eretz Yisroel (Israel) in September, so I’m giving up my Bookstore Manager role, too. Too much to juggle in seminary… but I am staying on board YALDAH in general. I’m still going to write Music Notes, for as long as it stays in the magazine, and I’ve taken on the role of Copy Editor.
So I’m still here. Just not as much. My YALDAH email inbox barely has any new incoming emails in it anymore!!
Oh yeah I named the post summer. ‘Cause it’s summer!! Mazel Tov! :) My sister and friends at my high school finished today, and my siblings at the elementary school finish tomorrow… crazy, another year has flown by. How was it? What are YOU doing this summer?
Anyway, I’m very excited ’cause last night I booked my ticket to Leah’s wedding… am I going to see you there?!?! By the way… five or six years ago, who would ever have thought that I’d be flying out to a wedding in Sharon, MA (like, where on the planet is that?!) the summer after 12th grade?! Well – there’s more than that, but remember that “How YALDAH has impacted my life” contest? It has totally impacted my life, my hashkafah (outlook), my friendships…
Who knew a bunch of young girls running a magazine could be so powerful?!
P.S. Listening to… “Berum Olam” on the album Eretz Yisroel by Dovid Gabay. An amazing album. By the way, 2 recommended albums to get: Miami Boys Choir just put out a great new album, Mi LaHashem Eilai. And Ari Goldwag/Sheves Achim is putting out very soon (a couple weeks imy”H) an amazing new album, Sheves Achim 2, with the feature song “The Artist” – the album is worth the money just for that song! Anyway, both albums are highly recommended by me :) All three (Sheves Achim 2 once it comes out) mentioned are available on www.mostlymusic.com.