With Summer almost here, I thought that a ruffled skirt would be fun. As always, I will start with making the pattern


For the pattern, you will need large paper (solid color wrapping paper works well.

Take the following measurements. the distance from your waist to where you want the end of your skirt. and your waist.

You will need to figure the following totals. Add 4 inches to your waist measurement and divide the total by four. My waist is 28 inches, so 28 + 4 is 32. 32 divided by 4 is 8. This is your waist line.

Then take that measurement and add 6. so for me, that is 18. This is the bottome line

Last take your length measurement and subtract 3 from the total 1 3/4 +5/8 for me that is 28 +1 3/4 +5/8 or30 30 3/8 -3. or 27 3/8. this is the length line.

First, draw a line that is the waist line measurement. On one side, draw a perpendicular line the length of the length line. At the line, write on fold (this will be your fold line)

At the bottom, draw a line that is perpendicular to the length line and parallel to the waist line. Draw a line to connect the ends of the waist line and the length line. Draw a line parallel to the length line inside of the parallel to the length line (this is your grain line)

Now draw a rectangle that is 4 5/8 x 20 inches. one one side write, on fold (fold line) draw a parallel line to the short line inside the rectangle and label it grain. . This is your ruffle. I labled mine sew terrific and made up a pattern number.

The Skirt

All seams should be 5/8 of an inch. Sew a second seam if you are using a fabric that ravels like a woven. If you are handsewing, use a back stitch except where I said to use a running stitch.

You will need 2-3 yards of fabric

One spool of matching thread (and a bobbin if you are using a sewing machine.)

1 yard of 3/4 inch to 1 inch Elastic


Sharp Scissor

Prewash your fabric on hot

Iron if necessary.

Fold fabric so selvages are together.

Lay your pattern pieces so the fold lines are on the fold and the grain follows the grain. Cut the pattern pieces, but don’t cut the foldline.

Unpin pattern and repeat.

To make:

Sew a basting stich (running )and baste one of the ruffle peices.  Then pull the thread gently to gather the fabric.  Repeat with the other ruffle..

Then pin each ruffle to the bottom of  the skirt piecesright sides and raw edges together,  loosening and tightening the gathering as neccessary so that  the edge of the ruffle and the edge of the skirt so that the edges match. (when you are pinning, the bottom of the ruffle will be laying towards the top of the skirt piece). Sew together and repeat with the other skir and ruffle piece.

Now pin right sides and raw edges together of the two full skirt pieces. Sew.

At the top edge of the skirt, fold over 1/2 inch at the top and iron it into place. Then fold over another 1 inch to inch and 1/4 in  iron into place and sew along the bottom edge of the elastic casing Leaving a 1 inch opening to thread the elastic. Cut the elastic so that it is one inch less than your waist Thread it throught the casing. . Overlap the elastic so that it stays together and sew the ends together. Sew the edge of the opening closed.

At the bottom edge of the ruffle, fold over 1/2 inch and iron into place, then fold another 1/2 inch and iron into place (This is your hem.) Sew.

Cut loose threads, wear and enjoy.