First of all, I hope everyone had a great Shavuos. It was extremely rainy here, but I still had a good time.

I sent the summer issue to the printer a few days ago, and I got the proofs today!! Yay!! They look great (thank you Action Printing!!) and I can’t wait until all our subscribers get the magazine. I hope girls will get them before they go to camp and it won’t take too long in the mail.

Other than that, things aren’t too busy around here. Our editorial board is at work on the Fall issue, but not too much for me to do yet! (most of my work comes after they finish–editing, revising, and layout). Somehow YALDAH still manages to keep me busy even when there isn’t that much to do–I went to the post office to mail out new orders (like I do almost every day) and then to Office Max to pick up cards we’re mailing to people who’s subscription expired. REMINDER: if your subscription expired, don’t foget to renew! You can order a subscription online at or send $26 in the mail to P.O. Box 215, Sharon, MA 02067 to renew your subscription. Then there was putting the labels on the cards, answering e-mails and of course…finishing up my school work.

We’re starting an exciting new program at the end of July that is announced in the summer issue–but I can’t tell you yet!! Keep your ears open and check our website for updates.

Thats all for now,

Leah :-)