Hey everyone!

Here at YALDAH, we’re already working on the summer issue! Yes, I know that we all just got the winter issue, but welcome to the world of magazine publishing :) Anyway, make sure to submit your answers for Discussion topic and Just Ask!, as well as letters to the editor and material for Reader Gallery and Nachas Zone! We love seeing what Jewish girls can do!
Also make sure to take our new survey about all the different parts of YALDAH, so we can continue to bring you everything that you, as Jewish girls, want to read!
I know people are disappointed that they didn’t make it onto the board… to all of you out there – I hope you forgive us ;) and that you’ll continue to give us your writing, photography, and artwork, and make sure to apply for the 2011 Editorial Board!
Shavua Tov
(have a good week)