Hi everyone!

I know I’ve disapeared off the face of the planet for a while now, sorry! Life can get a little crazy sometimes. And right now I have a whole lot of tests to be studying for, but I need to take a time out to send a little message your way.


I know you have something to say- I just know it. So please let me hear it. I want to hear your questions, answers, and musings. So right now- this second- go submit something to submit@yaldahmagazine.com or fill out the form on the website- http://jewishgirlsunite.com/submit/. Well not this second- you can finish my post first.

Here’s what I want to hear from you:

Discussion Topic- What’s your dream destination?

Poetry- Whatever wanders across your mind! Share it with YALDAH! We want to hear it!

Q&A- Sometimes problems can be a bit to big for us to solve on our own. So, why not get an outsider’s opinion? Send in your question to YALDAH’S Q&A.

YALDAH Mailbox- What do you think of our magazine? Do you have anything to say about an article you read or a feature you saw? Let us know! We love your feedback.

Fiction stories, true stories, we want it all! Please send us all your creative juices! We want to hear. Or read for that matter

Please double check when submitting on the YALDAH website that your document is attached.

I can’t wait to see what you guys are working on! Now I’m off to study about European history. Wish me luck!