Photo Credit: Ma Rabu Photography: The Caribbean Collection by Raizy Prottas


Much of life stands out as starkly black or purely white,

But where does one belong when things aren’t wrong or right?

The unknown, the grey areas, that leaves one swimming in a whirlpool of question,

Of which side one takes, even with the best intention,

To clutch to the rope of life, that’s connecting you to the realms of good –

Maybe one’s greatest aim and to sacrifice their very being for that- they would.

Yet villains enwrap and dusk day, and values blur and blend with bad today,

And the paints landscaping the world of black and white mix to form grey;

How, then, does one know where to stand their ground, what to sacrifice for,

If the category they feel they belong to is really disguised bad, skewed views and more?

Peer pressure from all sides, society makes black white;

We strive to make our home white, true good where we belong, but need the outpouring of light.

The wellsprings of Jewish philosophy,

Which seeps the light into the uncertainty –

A finger which points out what’s right,

And will transform grey into white,

End the dark of night,

Reveal to us the path to life and the end of the tunnel light.