Watching her lips move up and down wondering what is that coming out of her mouth? Days have gone by of just sitting there sometimes staring at the walls for 7 hours! I must have been to 50 art classes that year because they didn’t know what to do with me!


I’ll back up and explain a bit about myself after that funny introduction. I’m 14 right now and living in Tzfat, Israel. I moved here two and a half years ago right before 6th grade. The first time I ever heard about the idea of maybe coming to Israel, I remember walking to school and crying the whole way there thinking to myself, no I can’t leave right before my bat mitzvah and I don’t want to make new friends! Why me?!?!?! Then a few days later the tickets were final and that was it, Israel here I come! Watching our lift sail away, then saying goodbye and hopping on that plane, my mind was totally blank! I didn’t even process what was happening! For me moving across the ocean was a big move! I was born in my house and lived there ever since! I didn’t even go through a move just right down the block!


Then about 2 months later I signed up for school! They were pretty easy on me for an “olah chadasha”. Then my bat mitzah came! It was sort of weird having my bat mitzvah with girls I barely knew! Then after a year went by I had to sign up for a new school because high school starts in 7th grade where I live.  7th grade wasn’t as hard as 6th grade was because I was with the same girls and I had a few friends. They started to push down a bit harder on me as it being the second year I was here.


Now at this point of my story I’m 14 and I’m in 8th grade. I just took a math test today in Hebrew and I was so proud of myself as it being the 6th test in 2 weeks. I really improved from when I came.  As I write this story I think back on those days when I thought my life was over and I was wrong! It was just a new beginning. I remember somebody telling my mother, “Oh it will take about 6 months until they adjust and speak the language”. For every person it’s different! Some will take about 2 years and maybe even 5 years. But I didn’t let myself adjust. I kept holding onto Chicago. I don’t blame myself for not adjusting quicker. A lady once told me, “slowly but for sure” which means it took a long time to open up but now its for sure.  I don’t ever think I could have said that 2 years ago!

Now I see that moving to Israel is probably the best thing that ever happened to me!

I hope my story helps people with their aliyah process! Don’t forget you’re on the same page as every other person who has made aliyah! I remember people saying that it will get better, but I had to find that out for myself, so I hope one day you will too.


Please comment and tell me your stories of moving here or you can ask questions by email: or phone: 054-222-6154