(Wow. I just realized that a lot of my post titles end in exclamation points. I must be really excited about gardening!)

It may still seem like winter, but spring is on the way! How do I know? Here’s how:



Do you see the tiny little greenish-yellowish things? Those are sprouts! We are starting our seeds for the garden this year in tiny little pots under a grow lamp. So far we have four arugula sprouts (arugula is a type of leafy vegetable) and one broccoli sprout! When they are big enough and it is warm enough outside, we will plant them in the big beds.

A list of things that you can be starting inside right now:

Greens (leafy vegetables)







(Actually, that isn’t my list. Here‘s a link to a handy gardening calendar.)

If you’re planting seeds indoors right now, make sure that they have plenty of light (a grow light or a big window) and plenty of water! Those are the two main things plants need.

Plant those seeds and I’ll post again next week!