Hey everyone! First of all, today is “Purim Katan” which means that if it wasn’t a leap year, it would be Purim today. We’ve still got one month till Purim, but today is still a day to celebrate with joy! Check out this article I really liked about Judaism being fun!

So here’s a few random updates: I went to Crown Heights a few weeks ago for the annual convention of Chabad shluchos and had a table selling magazines and books there. Here’s a photo of the table that actually got on a news website:

It was great hearing feedback from women whose daughters, granddaughters, students and friends love YALDAH. While I was there I also got to meet and have lunch with our Editorial Board member, Zissie Ciment, who was visiting from Arkansas!

Me & Zissie

Lately I’ve been working on getting our “Jewish Girls Unity Forum” up and running, which is something I’m really excited about. It will be a place where YALDAH subscribers and Jewish Girls Unite members can talk online, get advice, ask questions, share inspiration, and more. Because YALDAH is really about creating a community and inspiring unity between Jewish girls from all different backgrounds, I think this forum will be a huge step in the right direction. It will also give me the opportunity to interact on a more personal basis with a lot of our readers. A big thank you to Batsheva Goldberg, one of our past Editorial Board members, who took on the task of setting up the technical aspects of the site. There’s a lot to figure out to make sure that the forum will stay a safe and respectful place, and we’re still finalizing the last details. But stay tuned, if you’re a YALDAH subscriber you’ll find out how to join once the site is up.

After winning the Sydney Taylor Book Award, One is Not a Lonely Number has received some great publicity! Here are some of the latest articles:
Sharon Patch Article
Have a great Shabbos everyone and please click here to find out all the ways YOU can get published in the spring issue!