Hey everyone,

As you may have guessed from the title, I’m freezing right now… I’m in a hotel lobby (long story- my family’s living in a hotel right now because we had a flood and we’re fixing our house) and it’s freezing in here. I’ve just been editing articles for an hour so I’m taking a break to tell the world that my toes are cold… and my fingers… and my nose…

I don’t know how busy grade 11 is (not 11th grade, Nechama), but I know grade 10 is the hardest so far. I’ve found out that I can’t get away with reading in class anymore, not because my books will get confiscated but because I’m about to fail a math test, and fail spectacularly…

More about the magazine: I haven’t gotten my fall one yet, which is so annoying, because I’m in a lot of the pictures and I hate pictures so I want to see just how awful I look, and also because I want to read it… on paper, not on a screen!

Gonna go now… the articles call… I may even be able to study for a bit if I finish.

G’nite, all,