A few days ago, a flurry of flakes peacefully drifted to the ground, relentlessly, until the world beyond the dorm’s window was white. I opened the door and stared outside in wonder. When had my colorful world transformed into a serene painting? Roads were covered with beautiful, plush carpets. Was I peeking into a dream?

The ground was like a new canvas, full of potential, waiting to be transformed into a masterpiece. I walked outside, my footsteps etching into the snow. My friends and I felt the snow in delight. It was cold, but the consistency was amazing. I felt like a little child, fascinated by the word around me.

The older girls in the dorm remembered when they, once upon a time, were as excited about the snow as I was. But they were used to it already. Instead, they sat shivering on the couch, reminding us to close the door behind us.

I feel like they missed out though. Although it’s hard, in general, we would appreciate the world a lot more if we didn’t accustom ourselves to the miracles that G-d constantly makes happen around us. Not just to the miracle of snow. A watch. A computer. Life. A flower. A baby. You. Me.

I need to make sure to view the world as a combination of miracles, so that I can appreciate it a bit more. When we accustom ourselves to the miracles G-d constantly does for us, we take things for granted. I want to try to look at everything around me with as much awe for G-d as I had with the snow.

The next morning, I was disappointed to note that the sparkly snowflakes had stopped falling.  Footsteps were carved onto the white sidewalks that were previously untouched, and paths were established. I thought of the footsteps symbolizing decisions that are made, both good or bad.

Like the footsteps clearly etched in the snow, all of our actions are viewed by G-d. Once they are done, they cannot be taken back. But He, out of His great kindness, gives us a chance to try again. He lovingly overlooks our mistakes, and lets our “footsteps” melt away, or be covered with a new slate.

They don’t disappear, yet we do get another chance to try again. G-d is very merciful, and we shouldn’t ever forget it. If we ever feel like we aren’t a good person, or did something wrong, we must never forget that G-d gives us the wonderful opportunity to change.

The snow melted away. The world shed its pale mask, revealing its colorful splendor. Those footsteps are no more. Now, there is a chance to make new decisions. We can prepare ourselves for the next snow fall, when our footsteps will again become temporarily frozen in time. Until it snows again, or melts, that is.

I just got word that there is a predicted snow storm here for this Shabbos. I’ll keep in mind that it is a hidden gift from G-d. He’s giving us another chance to start anew.