It’s sprinkled on those towering mountains, like icing sugar on chocolate cake,
Hashem, You Painted such wonders, infinitely prettier and more breathtaking than any artist can make.
It glitters and shimmers under the low-hanging clouds and fog,
It covers like a blanket- every tree, branch, and log.
Prettier than any picture in a brochure,
These snow-covered mountains are the prettiest thing I saw,
As I throw a snowball in the air,
Seeing the cliffy slopes beneath me and the flurries falling  above me, shows me Your Hand so obvious and clear,
Like a fresh white sheet, a paper brand-new,
You Give a chance for each being to restart, change, and recolor their hue,
Like You Cover the land with snow, so white so pure, so new,
I see how the snow represents Your Forgiveness, כשלג ילבינו
Now I can so appreciate the Possuk where we thank Hashem for snow,
From feeling its softness and coolness as my snowboots sank into it, everywhere that I did go,
Tubing down the picturesque mountain, I felt dizzied from this blast,
Besides for the fact that the tube was flying fast,
All around me I could see,
Mountains so white and pretty,
Like vanilla ice-cream scoops with chocolate syrup that were kilometers high,
With the clouds so low and being high in the mountains, we could almost feel like we were in the sky,
May we merit very soon to really fly on clouds to Our Holy Land,
And then everyone will appreciate and recognize Hashem’s Masterpieces and True Hand.