Hey there!

School’s back, and it’s changed. BIG time. Between our new French principal, Math, History, French and Science teachers. It’s changed a lot. And, that’s beside our ‘natural’ changes (new homeroom, new Hebrew teachers…). So, yeah. 9th grade will be fun :) They say change is good. It is. Especially when it comes to your hair. It doesn’t need to be a big change. Maybe a couple of inches. It’s not even a question of style. A trim four times a year is essential to hair health.

I know now is a popular time for haircuts (and new wigs… my mother is the Milano rep. here in Montreal. Their sale was this Sunday.), so I compiled a list of a few popular cuts according to your shape face to help y’all out. Here goes:

The #1 cut for a round face is long, wavy hair with long layers. Pretty simple, no? If you want a bob, make sure it’s uneven and long, its length hitting a couple of inches below your chin. If you want it to be modern, cut the back shorter than the front. But bobs are complicated on round faces, so it’s easier not to go there. On the bang side, side-swept bangs are best.

Fair is square. Long and layered works well on square. Soft and layered bobs are awesome here, but avoid sharp and blunt ones. Pixie looks good here too. The downside? You need to trim it every 5-6 weeks. Long blunt hair is great, but add a bit of layers in the front to soften it up. On the bang front, long, side-swept bangs that graze your eyebrows are your best bet.

Oval-shaped girls, you guys are super lucky – anything goes. Just make sure to stay away from short layers at the top of your head- it will make your face look super-long. Curly-heads, blunt cuts will make your hair look like a pyramid, so stay clear. You girls could experiment with bobs, bangs, pixies, and go really short. Just make sure you’re certain before making a drastic change. You’ll have to grow it out, which takes a while. But there’s no reason to be scared. Go for it!

Side-swept bangs, brow-grazing fringe, and pixies are super on heart-shaped faces. Long and layered goes pretty well. Short, blunt bangs and harsh, choppy layers are major no-nos. If you have short hair, keep top layers soft and long. If you want a bob, make sure it falls below your chin.

Here’s another curly-hair tip: cut your hair dry and curly so it stays the length you want and not too short. If you’ve got super-curly hair, avoid short cuts.

Bangs are great for the winter (Winter?! Summer was yesterday!!) since it shows under your hat and it won’t get hot and sticky, so it’s perfect timing. Avoid them if you have oily hair. Trust me. Last thing you want is annoying zits on your forehead.

That’s about it. Good luck choosing, cutting, but most of all, enjoy your new look! You deserve it!

Oh, yeah, good luck in school!