By Téa Freedman-Susskind, photograph by Tzivi Wenger

Sometimes the Hand of G-D is shown performing small acts, and not just when in performing big miracles. Everyday occurrences that, had they gone otherwise, might have led to a domino-like effect, creating further complications. Sometimes you just have this feeling…telling you to do something…you do it, and later you realize that it was precisely the right thing to do, and if that hadn’t happened, some problems might have. Like for example, when one is catching a bus. If you miss it,you have to wait, which could skew your plans. If you make it, well, everything’s fine. This once happened to me.

I had a day off from school, for a teacher in-service day, and that week my grandmother was visiting. So, my mom and I had to take a bus downtown to pick her up.

Since my grandmother lives in Chicago, she doesn’t come out here often. So, I had crafted a carefully planned schedule for the day’s activities, and most of it depended on our catching this one bus.

The beginning of the plan was executed to perfection. My mom picked me up from my dad’s, and then we went home for some last-minute touch-up time, which we used very well and then headed to the library bus stop. My mom brought some books she had to return because they were due.

Before I continue, let me tell you a bit about the lay of the land. The book-drop is at the front, before the library’s entrance, and the bus stop is on the library’s side—obscured from view from the book-drop.

We arrived at the library a bit early.

“Great! Now I have time to bring the books in,” said my mom.

And then it happened. I had the feeling. And it was making me anxious about missing the bus, telling me go to the bus stop.

“Um…Mom? Is it OK if we just go straight to the bus stop?” I asked. “Sorry, it’s just that I have this feeling…I’m just anxious, but…sorry.” I apologized again.

“No problem! I know what you mean. Let’s go.”

And so we walked to the corner of the library, turned, and…there it was. The bus. At the stoplight before the stop. We looked at each other.

“Wow!” said my mom.

Now, I know what you’re thinking—that G-D has more important things to do than make sure that my mom and I make a bus so my grandma doesn’t have to wait at a ferry terminal. But, I think that a part of G-D is dealing with these things—these small things—so that people can have one of these serendipitous moments, and so all can go as planned.