So you have text books at school, and you want to have a book cover, but you want it to fit better than the ones you buy in the store. To make it you’ll need:

1/2 yard of fabric (choose a knit if you want it to stretch)

Matching thread



1.) Cut out a rectangle that is the height plus 7 inches by 2 times the width plus 11 inches. (My book is 8″ by 11″ so my rectangle is 15 by 33 inches)

2.) Fold over 1/2 inch at each of the two small sides, pin and sew.  (For mine, that is the two 15 inch side)

3.) On each of the long sides fold down 3 1/2 inches and pin (don’t sew yet)

4.) Place book in center and fold over remaing amounts on each side over each cover of the book

5.) Carefully, pin the top and  flap to the top of the fabric cover.

6.) Repeat on bottom and on the other cover.

7.) Remove from book and sew the top and bottom edge with a  3/8 inch seam.

8.)  Trim threads

9.) Place on book and enjoy!