As we continue through the month of Adar, which this year we have two of, it is important to make sure that our Simcha (happiness) is the true, good happiness.

You see, there are two types of Simcha, pure Simcha which is the good, nice, Tznius (modest) kind of Simcha, and then there is something called Holilus, which is really not Simcha. Holilus is the type of Simcha we DO NOT want.

During Adar, we are supposed to increase in Simcha, Mishenichnas Adar Marbim B’Simcha, as we enter the month of Adar we increase in happiness. This happiness however, should be the right type of Simcha, pure Simcha.


Now, what does this do with a Tznius Fashion Blog?

There is a Tznius way to talk, to speak, to act, to sing, and now we are talking about a Tznius way to be B’Simcha.


Keep this in mind as you fill your mind and hearts, days and lives, and even other people’s lives with Simcha- the right type of Simcha I am sure.