As we’re slowly saying goodbye to fall, winter is crawling in. Time to start taking those leaves and filling those leave bags! Can I ask you a favor? Look at the picture above and find at least 5 colors. Now find 2 opposite colors. If your answer is her blue shirt and the yellow leaves, then you’re right! Surprisingly, yellow and blue go together really well.

This is Rikki, and she is a close family friend. She’s really pretty, and in my opinion, has a great photogenic talent. I was going through old hats, coats and gloves when I found this cute ivory hat with a blue bow on it.

Perfect! I thought to myself, this can be for Rikki and our photo shoot! It fit her perfectly and on it went.

We went to our backyard and snapped a few of these. I’m loving her expression!

A quick tip: want the natural laughing face that you usually find in those magazines? It’s as simple as make a joke and he/she laughs! Snap the picture right when they laugh so it’ll come out looking perfectly timed. And remember: outdoor pictures sometimes have better lighting than indoor pictures.

FOTW: (Fact of The Week)

Technically, color doesn’t exist!  It might sound strange- but it’s true. Color is created only when our brain tries to make sense from light signals it receives from the outer world.  In other words, it’s all in your head.

Which are your two (or more) favorite colors to blend in photos? Leave a comment below! Can’t wait to hear from you all ;)