On Shavuot, the Jews received the Torah at last,
When Moshe went up to heaven, the angels said, “Not so fast!”
The Torah has a view
On real estate too!
A man must offer to sell his land to his neighbor,
Before selling it to a stranger,
Because buying land from a neighbor is an opportunity,
That doesn’t come by so easily.The angels were the Torah’s neighbor,
Moshe was the stranger.
Since they are closer to Hashem,
The angels felt that the Torah should belong to them.

To answer the angels, Moshe was told,
“Let us see how the debate could unfold!”
The Torah is not a piece of land, Moshe could say,
But the angels could refute it right away.

The reason that land is singled out from all the rest,
Is because it can not be moved; its location makes it the best.
Even if you shop around,
The advantage of buying land next door can not be found.

Torah is singled out from all the moveable objects in the store,
Because it can not be manufactured in China or Singapore,
For objects that can be moved you can shop around,
But another Torah can not be found.

The angels could claim,
That a neighbor’s land and Torah are the same,
Because they are both unique, the angels could be sure,
That the Torah would remain in heaven like before.

There is an amazing law that does say,
That if a neighbor wants the land to plant today,
And a stranger wants the land to build a home right away,
Then the stranger is the one who gets his way.

To the angels, Moshe’s response was clear:
“Did Hashem take you out of Egypt this year?
Is refraining from idol worship a challenge for you?
Do you have parents to honor and listen to?

“In this physical world things are not black and white;
We have an evil inclination to fight,
But when we overcome our challenges and do what is right,
We build a home for Hashem and reach the greatest height.”

The Torah has to be in a world so low,
Because this is where Hashem wants His home to go;
This is how we fulfill our mission,
And realize Hashem’s desire and vision.

Building a home for Hashem is our priority;
We received the Torah for this purpose specifically.
On Shavuot the Torah is given anew to every Jew,
Because we are all part of Hashem’s construction crew.