*Editor’s Note: The festival of Shavuos coincides with the anniversary of King David’s passing.  A few ways we commemorate the significant occasion is by reciting Tehillim (the Book of Psalms) – King David’s parting gift to his people – and also reminiscing his deeds, life and legacy.  It is taught that a righteous person is even more present and influential in this world after they move onto the next, and we elevate their souls by taking inspiration from their legacy, growing through it, and making the world a little bit holier in their name.

King David was an extremely holy man, and all he ever needed was Hashem, in time of despair, pain, and even happiness.  When war broke out between countries and generals, all he needed to do was ask Hashem, do what Hashem said and of course win the war.  One time there was an army general named Gollyas (Goliath); he wanted to go against King David and win all of Israel, so he armed himself and all his soldiers in order to win against King David.  King David was strong and never lost a war, so Gollyas had to be really prepared.  He wore the strongest armor and had the best ammunition.  His armor covered his entire body except for his forehead.  “What a weak spot,” he thought.  He can’t win over me with my forehead.  I will just leave it be.”  King David had heard that Gollyas was coming to war with him.  What did King David do? Of course, he went to the Arohn (Holy Ark) and asked Hashem what to do.  The next day there were thousands of soldiers attacking in Israel.  King David approached Gollyas, picked up the tiniest stone, and used a slingshot to aim it right at Gollyas’s forehead.  It hit Gollyas straight into his brain, and he died.  Victory for king David!  “Thank you Hashem!” he stated!