Once there was a girl named Chana, who had a good friend named Sara. One day Sara invited Chana over for Shabbos, Chana didn’t know anything about Shabbos but she still came. When Chana got to Sara’s house she saw two candles and Sara said that it was time to light the candles. Sara showed Chana where her candle was and gave her a match and Siddur. Chana held the match and siddur but she just stood there confused. Sara was about to light her candle when she realized that Chana looked puzzled. She asked Chana what was wrong and she answered that she didn’t know about lighting Shabbos candle — she didn’t even know what Shabbos was.

Sara explained the importance of lighting Shabbos candles. She told her that keeping Shabbos is one of the Ten Commandments. She also told her that you light candles to remind yourself it is Shabbos. Sara assured Chana that she would teach her more about Shabbos. Sara taught Chana the blessing to say and helped her say it after they lit their candles together.

Since then, Sara has been inviting Chana for Shabbos and Chana has been inviting Sara for Shabbos. Oh, and don’t worry! Sara kept her word and helped Chana learn about Shabbos.

Liya Zarrinnia, Age 10
Emek Hebrew Academy
California, USA