Shabbos is such a special gift Jews have. It gives you a chance to do mitzvot. There is more to Shabbos than keeping it. It’s the special thought of your being proud of yourself when you do the Shabbos mitzvot of lighting candles, davening, making Kiddush, and having Challah. It’s the valuable time with your family that’s unique to Shabbos. Some people are poor and all they want is money to keep Shabbos. They want a siddur to daven with. They wish for just enough money to keep Shabbos holy.

What do you feel when you light candles for Shabbos? Do you think about how lucky you are to have G-d to give you a chance to keep this special day and its mitzvot and see those beautiful candles dance? Next time you light candles, don’t just do it and say “done.’’ Think about it and see what the dancing flames are trying to tell you. They could be saying thank you for something you have done or they could be crying, wanting you to care about our holy Shabbos. Shabbos candles could light up your world like giving someone a smile.


— Dalia Paluch, Age 8
Beth Rivkah Ladies College
Melbourne, Australia