As the wick is caught
With the fiery flame
Peacefulness descends
Shabbos Kodesh is its name.

Each Friday night
When the match is lit
The wick and fire hold hands
And together they commit.

Into this home
They will bring peace
And Shalom Bayis
The candles will increase.

The fire grows in size
And dances merrily in the light,
Its excited spark and gleam
Can illuminate the night.

The light from the candles
Will the family surround
And joy will be heard
Echoing all around.

The world was made in six days,
On the seventh G-d did rest;
And so it is this day
That we designate for the best.

A woman that kindles
These lights so joyfully
Will merit long life
For her whole family.

The Talmud expounds that,
In addition to her earning,
Her sons and sons-in-law
Will be rewarded in their learning.

When the angels enter
And see the candles ablaze,
The good one will bless and
The bad one will add more praise.

The ultimate light of Moshiach,
The Midrash does write,
is brought on by Shabbos
Through the candles that we ignite.
Good Shabbos!

— Rivka Goldberg, Age 14
Bais Rivkah High School
New York, USA