Friday rushed by
Full of running and cooking
And cleaning and baking
Food in the oven
So many smells that I’m lovin’
Shower was taken
I’m dressed in Shabbos fashion.

I’m beckoned on over
A nickel dropped in my hand
Put in the pushkah
For peace in the land.

I strike the match quickly
But it doesn’t light
I try once again,
And then it ignites.

I guide my shimmering key
Into the lock of my candle
It creates a towering flame
Reaching up toward G-d
As if to proclaim
His Heavenly name.

I gather in its light,
Then cover my eyes with
My hand-made veil
And pray to the One Above
Who’s listening —
So full of love.

A heavenly presence descends
A door opens wide
To reveal a time to transcend
Above the worldly tide.

With one little action
I brought in Shabbos
The Queen I welcome
My home now a palace.

With grace she enters
And I shiver
And then my hands
part to reveal
a small little flame,
So innocent and surreal.

It seems to brighten
The impending night
And I stare at it
Transfixed. Transformed.

— Chaya Eber, Age 15
Ohel Chana School
California, USA